BioHackathon 2019 at OpenCell London on 14th September. Expressions of interest are here! Augment the biologist is the theme.

What's a BioHackathon?

A hackathon is when a group of developers get together and "hack" of some problem. Biology is becoming more and more accessible and we want to help support an opensource developer community. This event will be focused on hardware/software solutions for making the lives of biologists easier.


What happens during the event

About 10ish people gather at OpenCell. Event starts Saturday 14th Sept 10am and runs until 10pm and after we go for some beers at the local. If you are from hardware/software background, interested in biotech, then this could be for you. Cool ideas will be exhibited at the London Design Festival ( We love opensource tech and want to build the (bio)developer community. Some ideas for this event: DIY Incubator, Open Source Plate Reader, Teardown and rebuild of a spectrophotometer, DIY microscopy and/or teardown, Raman microscopy, Communications with lab equipment via RS232, Augmented Reality interations.


Biohackathon 2016

So what happened before? Here are some pics of the Cambridge event and some of the things we got up to!

Say Hello!

Would love to hear feedback from people who want to attend, get involved in the organisation or anyone who wants to have their own biohackathon!